MV-1 one of the best vehicle for people with mobility challenges and Disabilities

A reliable transportation is key factor to ensure that Americans with disabilities can actively participate in the labor force and gain acces to services like pharmacy, doctor appointment, etc. As a Disability Transportation Services company you need vehicles that meets all requirements to offer the best service to your customers. Here is where MV-1 come into the scene.

The MV-1 is a revolutionary accessible vehicle that dignify the transport of people with disabilities. No more people on the luggage area. Your families with mobility challenges travel on the safely front area of the MV-1. This and other features make MV-1 users ride much more comfortable and safely than Rear-entry minivan where users must be sit in the back.

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Safely, durable, easy to operate and Cost effective makes MV-1 a unique vehicle that accomplish all requirements that a modern world demand for people with disabilities. Take a look and discover more features that coming with the new MV-1 models visiting MV-1 website.

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