How to get the new MED\FHV License

Current TLC-licensed For-Hire Vehicle (FHV) drivers may now choose to receive a combined Taxi and For-Hire Vehicle “MED\FHV” drivers’ license.

The process of opting for a MED\FHV license involves three steps, detailed below:

Visit the TLC web site at:;

Enter your license information into the form;

Click the “submit” button.

(Please have your TLC and DMV licenses handy during the request process, as you will need information from both.)

Once submitted, the TLC will review your request, and your new MED\FHV license will be mailed to you at the address you have on file with the TLC. If you need to update your contact information before making the request, you can do so on our web site at:

Please Note: You do not need to take any action now. All drivers will automatically receive a MED/FHV license upon renewal and existing Medallion Drivers may continue to operate a Medallion Taxicab or FHV with their Medallion Taxicab Drivers’ license.