The Ivation EZ-Bed

Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress Review

When it comes to finding a convenient and comfortable sleeping solution for guests, travel, or camping, the Ivation EZ-Bed  Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case is a standout choice. This air mattress combines innovative design with user-friendly features, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Here’s an in-depth review of its features and performance.

The Ivation EZ-Bed is a self-inflating air mattress that includes a built-in pump, frame, and rolling case for easy setup, storage, and portability. Available in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes, this air mattress promises comfort and convenience, making it ideal for various uses such as guest accommodations, travel, and camping trips.


Automatic Inflation and Deflation

The EZBed comes with a built-in pump that automatically inflates and deflates the mattress in less than 4 minutes. It features auto shut-off options with three comfort levels: Plush, Medium, and Firm, allowing you to easily achieve your desired comfort.

Self-Deploying Frame Design

Setting up the EZBed is incredibly easy. Simply unzip the case, plug it into a wall outlet, turn it on, and walk away. The self-deploying frame design takes care of the rest, making the setup process almost effortless.

Comfortable and Durable Mattress

The mattress top is made from durable polyester and features 40 circular coils, providing a soft and comfortable sleep surface. The design also helps keep your sheets in place throughout the night, enhancing your sleeping experience.

Standard Bed Height and Dimensions

Once inflated, the EZBed stands at a standard bed height of 24 inches. The full-size mattress measures 80″ x 55″, making it spacious enough for a comfortable night’s sleep. When deflated, the mattress folds into a compact duffle bag with wheels, making it easy to transport and store. It fits standard twin sheets and has a weight capacity of 450 lbs, while the bed itself weighs 48.9 lbs.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Ivation stands behind their product with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They pride themselves on exceptional customer service, offering peace of mind to buyers.


The Ivation EZ-Bed excels in providing a comfortable and hassle-free sleeping solution. The automatic inflation and deflation feature is a significant time-saver, and the self-deploying frame ensures you won’t struggle with setup. The mattress offers good support and comfort, thanks to its polyester top and coil design.


  • – Easy and quick setup with automatic inflation/deflation
  • – Self-deploying frame simplifies the process
  • – Comfortable and supportive mattress surface
  • – Compact storage with the rolling duffle bag
  • – Multiple comfort settings for personalized firmness


  • – Heavier than some other air mattresses at 48.9 lbs
  • – Requires a power outlet for inflation


The Ivation EZ-Bed (Full Size) Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case is a highly convenient and comfortable option for anyone in need of a temporary sleeping solution. Its ease of use, combined with its comfort features and portability, make it a top choice for guests, travel, and camping. Despite being slightly heavier than other air mattresses, its benefits far outweigh this minor drawback, ensuring you and your guests get a good night’s sleep wherever you are.