How to check TLC License Status

New York City Taxi Limousine Commission provide a tool that allow you to check the status of your TLC license and DMV Licenses as well. In this page we provide a link to this such a tool.

Please note: The NYS DMV Status link on this page is current as of yesterday.  Therefore, when you click on this link, it will take you to a page with lists that contain data that are current as of yesterday or latest date TLC licenses Status update.

Street Hail Livery Licenses:  Information on the Bases that have purchased an SHL Base endorsement or vehicles that are affiliated with an SHL Permit can be found in the standard lists under each license class.  A comprehensive list of all SHL related Bases, Permits and Vehicles can be found in the section entitled Street Hail Livery Services.

Click here to Check your license status using Taxisocial website

For more information visit TLC Licenses Status Page.

How to put your TLC Vehicle License in storage

Taxi and Limousine Commission allow For-Hire vehicle Owner to place their TLC Vehicle “on-hole” for a period of 90 days.

Steps to put your licese in storage?

  1. Print hte storage form from the TLC website.
  2. Take your vehicle to woodside. A TLC license inspector will remove the TLC inspection decals and complete section 3 of the TLC storage form.
  3. Surrender your TC Plates to NYS DMV.
    To surrender your plates contact your local NY DMV office. You will receive a NYS DMV FS6 receipt upon surrendering plates.
  4.  Email documents to TLC.
    Scan and send the TLC FHV storage form and the DMV FS6 receipt to (Please do not come to our Long Island City Facility to submit documentation. We will only accept documents via email.)
  5.  Vehicle license status & email notification.Once you have emailed us the storage form and DMV FS6 receipt, we will inactivate your license and mark it in storage for up to 90 days. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file with TLC. To update your email log into LARS and go to “Update Info”.If you have any questions, please email TLC at

You cannot operate your vehicle for-hire when your vehicle license is in storage. Operating for-hire without a current vehicle license is a violation of TLC rules.

Credits: TLC External Affairs.