The Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) publishes lists of its current licensees to the TLC website Monday – Friday. These lists provide a snapshot of the licensees that are current and allowed to provide the services regulated by the TLC at the time they are generated. These current licensee lists were moved to the NYC OpenData Mine in May 2013 and can be reached by following the appropriate links on TLC’s Current Licensees Page.

Starting Monday, January 6, TLC will no longer use the Medallion Drivers – Active list to provide historical information. Instead, this list will contain the current day’s snapshot only. To access historical information on Medallion Drivers, a new Medallion Drivers – Active Change Log file will be provided. This new list will contain a row for each change made to an individual Driver record, so that users can access historical information that shows how and when a Driver’s record was changed. This historical information will be available in the Change Log from October 28th, 2013 onwards.

          The links to access the new versions of the Medallion Drivers – Active list and Change Log along with instructions on how to use these lists will be posted to TLC’s website starting on Monday, January 6 at the following link: OpenData – Current Licensee Lists.

The old version of the Medallion Drivers – Active List will continue to be available on OpenData to provide historical information before October 28, 2013. However, this list will not be updated with the current day’s information starting on Monday, January 6.


For further information please Visit Taxi and Limousine Commission Web site at:

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