TLC Rules §82-41 and §82-42 require every Street Hail Livery vehicle to be equipped with an LPEP system, which includes a credit card reader, a GPS unit, and an information monitor.

As of today, no entity has been licensed by the TLC to be an LPEP Provider.  Accordingly, the TLC will allow Street Hail Livery permit holders to delay compliance with the LPEP requirement of these Rules, and to operate their Street Hail  Livery vehicles in the interim without an LPEP system.

Once we have issued sufficient LPEP Licenses, such that there is a fair and competitive market for LPEP systems, we will issue an updated Industry Notice alerting Street Hail Livery permit holders and allowing them 90 days from that date to install an LPEP system.  At that time, only TLC-licensed LPEP systems will be permitted.

NOTE:  Street Hail Livery permit holders will still be responsible for complying with all relevant laws, rules and regulations. This means that Street Hail Livery permit holders must install a meter, a roof light, and all other required equipment. It also means that permit holders must collect and remit the $0.50 MTA tax where applicable and ensure that all Street Hail Livery pick-ups occur only where permitted.


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