The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) approved the first participant in the Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot: IonFleets, Inc.

A Vision Zero initiative, the Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot will test and evaluate the efficacy of black boxes, anti-speeding technologies, driver alert systems, and related analytic software, in promoting safe driving of TLC-regulated vehicles.

This approval marks the beginning of the Pilot, which will last for the next twelve months. TLC will continue accepting applications throughout the Pilot, and will issue additional industry notices as participants are named.

TLC would like to remind all industry participants that any use of in-vehicle technology must also comply with New York State Vehicle Traffic Law, which is available here: (scroll down to VAT).

For more information about the Pilot, please visit the Vehicle Safety Technology Pilot webpage:

Interested industry participants—including agents, fleets, bases, taxi, street-hail livery, commuter van and FHV owners—who may be interested in participating in the pilot program using IonFleet’s technology should reach out to IonFleets at 917-387-3400 or visit

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