In order to operate a Street Hail Livery (SHL) vehicle, NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) Rules require that a driver must have a Valid Taxicab Driver’s License (or a Valid Paratransit Driver’s License for Accessible SHLs only) (TLC Rule §54-04.1).  The only exception to this rule is for For-Hire Vehicle drivers who currently hold a valid For-Hire Driver’s License that was issued on or before July 1, 2013 and are authorized to drive SHL vehicles (TLC Rule §54-04.2).  FHV drivers who do not now have a current and valid FHV  license that was issued on or before July 1, 2013 are required to get a Valid Taxicab Driver’s License (or Valid Paratransit Driver’s License, for Accessible SHLs only) if they want to drive an SHL vehicle.

The LPEP technology systems installed in all Street Hail Liveries will prevent drivers who are not eligible from operating SHL vehicles.  FHV drivers who did not have an FHV driver’s license on or before July 1, 2013 and should not have been eligible to drive an SHL were included on the list of Valid SHL Drivers until Wednesday, May 22, 2014.  TLC modified and updated the list of Valid SHL Drivers on May 22, 2014 to exclude these FHV drivers, resulting in those licensees being locked out of the meters by the LPEP technology.

In response to this issue, the TLC is reminding all licensees that in order to operate a Street Hail Livery Vehicle you must have an FHV license issued on or before 7/1/2013, a Taxicab Driver’s license or a Paratransit Driver’s license for a Wheelchair Accessible SHL only.  The TLC will allow those individuals who hold an FHV license issued after 7/1/2013 a 90-day grace period to continue operating the SHL vehicle without being subject to enforcement for unlicensed operation of the SHL.  The 90-day grace period will begin on 5/22/2014 and end on 8/19/2014.  Once the grace period ends, the LPEP system will lock-out all ineligible drivers on 8/20/14 and leave them unable to operate the SHL without the appropriate license.

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