How to use the E- Check Payment Process for On-line Transactions on the TLC’s

Would you like to make a license renewal, fee or fine payment on-line, but don’t want to use your debit or credit card and pay a convenience fee?  Use E-CHECK instead!

Selecting the E-Check payment option to make an on-line payment of a fee or fine amount due is simple and easy to do – and there is NO CONVENIENCE FEE charged, unlike when you use a credit or debit card to make the payment.

Once you have entered your license information and have signed into LARS ( you will need the following information to make an E-Check Payment once you get to the payment submission page:

  1. What do I need?
    1. Your Bank’s Routing Number
    2. Your Account Number

Don’t know what those are or how to find them?  By far the simplest way to get both numbers is to look on a paper check.  Here is where you would find your bank’s routing number and your checking account number on your personal or business check(s):

Bank Routing Number:
Your Bank Routing and Bank Account Numbers are located at the bottom of your check. Your Bank Routing Number is the 9 digits found between the |: and 😐 symbols on the bottom left hand side of the check.

Account Number:
Your Account Number is the number that follows the 😐 symbol and comes before the check number. Please do not include your check number in your account number.  Your check number will also be located on the bottom of your check but it is NOT part of your account number.

Please review the samples below:

Please note that your account number is NOT the number on your Debit Card!

If you do not have any paper checks, you can find your Account Number on your bank statement. You can then call your bank and tell them you are trying to make an E-Check payment and they can tell you what your Routing Number is.  You should write the number down and put it in a secure location so you have it available to you the next time you need it!

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