Former British beauty queen’s lost leg on taxi accident

sian-green 2763078cSian Green is suing City of New York over crash and says she is horrified driver Faysal Himon has not faced criminal charges or had license revoked.

 A taxi driver whose reckless driving cost a British tourist her leg after he ploughed into her on a New York pavement has got back behind the wheel, despite pledging never to do so.

Mohammed Faysal Himon already had a number of violations for poor driving when his cab mounted the kerb as he tried to overtake a bicycle last August, hitting Sian Green from Leicester.

Her foot was severed and her life saved only by the quick actions of a passer-by who applied a tourniquet. Doctors later had to amputate the lower part of her leg.

Mr Himon’s licence was suspended for 30 days and he received a summons for operating a cab he was not authorised to drive.


But as no criminal charges were ever filed, the 24-year-old Bangladeshi-born driver was able to reclaim his licence last September.

In December, Miss Green, a 25-year-old former beauty queen, filed a $27.5 million (£16.3 million) law suit against the City of New York, saying Mr Himon’s poor driving record meant he should have had his licence revoked.

After the crash, Mr Himon vowed to give up his licence: “Driving in the city is so dangerous. I don’t want to drive a taxi. I want to study medicine to help people.”

But records filed with the Taxi and Limousine Commission show he resumed driving on February 14.

Cynthia Fisher, his lawyer, told the New York Post: “He has been driving regularly, uneventfully – thank God – and just doing what he has to do.”

Miss Fisher added that Mr Himon, who moved to the United States about five years ago, needed to support his family and was still considering what work to do in future.

Miss Green, a student who hopes to pursue a career in fashion, was eating a hot dog with a friend outside Manhattan’s Rockefeller Centre when Mr Himon’s cab struck her.

The pair were on the first day of a sightseeing trip to New York.

Last week she told The Sun she was haunted by the accident.

“The darkest time was finding that the taxi driver … wouldn’t face criminal charges,” she said.

“I have to live with the consequences of his actions for the rest of my life, so why shouldn’t he be punished?

“Back at home in Leicester at the end of September, the reality of being an amputee hit me.

“I had to use crutches or a wheelchair to get around, and I couldn’t drive my car anymore. I had no independence, and I found that very hard.”


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